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An exclusive premier banking services provided by Bank Rakyat, we aimed to deliver an utmost as well as dedicated banking and financial experience to our exclusive customers. Established since 2014, Rakyat Xclusive is one of an initiative by Bank Rakyat to enhance customer experience and services to be the “Bank of Choice”, while carrying our own identity and reputation to deliver class-leading encounter to our exclusive customers.

We strive to offer such exclusive services to our customers to establish an efficient, dedicated and focused platform in forming a financial motivated relationship within our customers and relationship managers. Among other things is that to offer our premier services, rates as well as privileges to our exclusive customer for choosing us to be a one-stop premier banking platform.



In ensuring that we fulfil all our customers wants and needs in catering, safeguarding as well as expanding their wealth, we always strive to expand our product line to cover every segment that our customer would need and think of in terms of financial and wealth. We determined to become a one-stop premier banking platform that offer Sharia-Compliant products and services that fulfil our customers vision. Some of our product that we currently offer to our Rakyat Xclusive members are as follows:


As part of our determination in conveying you the paramount experience in premier banking with Rakyat Xclusive, we continuously make perfection in our facilities and benefits to ensure the efficiency and continuous dedication to our customers as a member. Among privileges that we offer to our members are:

Rakyat Xclusive Call Centre
We determined in ensuring seamless dedication in servicing and attending our customers on-time brings us to provide our customers with a dedicated call centre. This enable you to be attend and address promptly with minimal waiting time compared to our general call centre, a fingertips convenience.
Dedicated Relationship Manager
Guided with our main objectives to grow and nurture your wealth as well as financial goal, we will assign our customers with a committed Relationship Manager to provide you with a financial advice on how to grow your wealth, or even manage your investment to ensure a fruitful growth.
Comfort, Ease and Convenience
We strive to provide a platform to our customers in delivering comfort, convenience as well as ease throughout their journey with Rakyat Xclusive. Believing that your experience matters and should be prioritise, we continuously deliver perfection in our perks to guarantee your abundant journey with us. Some of our perks and benefits being a part of us:
  1. Priority lane – No to queuing when you visit our selected branches
  2. Dedicated Parking area for a hassle free experience during your visit to selected branches
  3. Exclusive and comfort lounge area (MKBR and Ayer 8)
  4. Professional and first class services


In ensuring Rakyat Xclusive to maintain the exclusivity of the services, we have established eligibility criteria for our customers to fulfil to become a part of Rakyat Xclusive membership. Customers is required to fulfil one of the criteria below to qualify as a members of Rakyat Xclusive: 

Investable Assets*MortgageCredit Card-i Limit
AffluentRM50,000 until RM250,000RM700,000 until RM1.0 millionRM50,000 until RM100,000
PremierRM250,000 until RM2.5 millionRM1.0 million until RM2.5 millionRM100,000 until RM250,000
PrivateAbove RM2.5 millionAbove RM2.5 millionAbove RM250,000

*Investable Assets include deposits, fixed income, equities, unit trust funds, real estate funds, real estate investment trusts, and any other alternative investment, as maintained with the Bank.

For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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