Bank Agent (Rakyat Care)

Customer Facilities

Bank Agent (Rakyat Care)


Customers of Bank Rakyat/ATM cardholders of Bank Rakyat


  • Deposit
  • Cash withdrawali
  • Cash transfer
  • Utility bill payment
  • Financing payment

*Transactions may be conducted by debiting the customers’ account or by cash

Non-Customers of Bank Rakyat/Non-ATM cardholders of Bank Rakyat
  • Deposit
  • Utility bill payment
  • Financing payment

*Transactions may only be conducted by cash

*Deposit and Financing Payment to Bank Rakyat customers’ accounts only

Transaction Limit

Cash WithdrawalRM10.00RM1,000.00
Cash TransferRM10.00RM2,000.00
Utility Bill PaymentRM5.00RM500.00
Financing PaymentRM10.00RM2,000.00

Operating Hours

  • 8.00 am until 9.30 pm daily

*Subject to the agent’s business operation hours and Public Holidays

Steps by Step Guides

  • Customer visits Rakyat CARE
  • Verification of Bank Rakyat ATM Card and MyKad
  • Select desired transaction
  • Print transaction receipt
  • Sign receipt for transaction validation
  • Transaction completed

Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat

  • Notice to Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat customers
1. Conduct dealings only at authorised premises of Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat that have:

Conduct dealings at agent premises that DO NOT have:

  1. the Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat Official Registered Bank Agents (EBB) signboard
  2. verified Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat certificate
2. Conduct transactions at Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat premises onlyConduct transactions out of Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat premises
3. Carry sufficient cash or Bank Rakyat ATM card to conduct agent banking transactions. Note: Transaction feasibility depends on agent’s account balance, customer’s account balance and agent’s cash balanceConduct transactions in the event that the system is not in service
4. Carry MyKad and Bank Rakyat ATM card to conduct cash withdrawal transactionsHand over ATM card or MyKad or disclose ATM password (PIN - Personal Identification Number) to agents/third parties
5. Ensure MyKad functions and not defectiveDisclose your personal information/account balance to agents/third parties
6. Bring along original utility bills for bill payment transactions. Note: Outstanding bills are to be paid directly to the appropriate utility company to avoid any service interruptionsPay minimum amount due on your bill
7. Check the transaction and desired amount before pressing the green button on the P.O.S terminal machine. Note: Transactions are conducted in real-time from Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat’s location to Bank Rakyat’s Headquarters.Accept receipts that are manually issued by Rakyat CARE
8. Sign the transaction receipt of Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat’s agent copyAllow Rakyat CARE to keep copy of customer receipts
9. Obtain copy of customer receipt as proof of transaction and check the accuracy of transaction information being printed before leaving the Rakyat CARE Bank Rakyat premisesWithhold complaints of Rakyat CARE misconduct to Bank Rakyat.
10. Keep receipt as reference even if the transaction fails 
11. Visit any nearest Bank Rakyat branch or call Bank Rakyat Contact Centre for any complaints about your agent / transaction 

Download Rakan CARE Application Form (PDF)

For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.

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