Home Financing-i Zero Entry Cost


Home Financing-i Zero Entry Cost

Home Financing-i that helps to finance your legal fees, valuation costs and stamp duty.




  • Under Construction
  • Completed / Auction / Subsale
  • Refinancing


Legal fees, valuation costs and stamp duty to be borne by Bank up to 2.5% from approved financing amount..


  • Malaysian Citizen
  • Age not less than 18 years old on the date of application and not more than 70 years old at the end of financing tenure
  • Not bankrupt
  • No bad records with any other Banks or financial institutions
  • Joint Application is allowed and must be related / direct family members:
    1. Husband / Wife
    2. Parents
    3. Children
    4. Siblings

Margin of Financing

Financing up to 95% including MRTT

Profit Rate

Financing with MRTT
Financing without MRTT

Zero Entry Cost (ZEC)


Profit Rate

Profit Rate

As low as SBR + 1.65%

As low as SBR + 1.85%

Standard Base Rate (SBR): 3.00%

MRTT = Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful

Financing Tenure

Maximum financing period 35 years or aged 70 years; whichever is earlier

Fees & Charges

Wakalah FeeRM28.30
Custodian of security documents after full settlement.RM10.00 per set per month (inclusive 0% GST)
Issuance of statement for EPF withdrawal.RM15.00 per document (inclusive 0% GST)

Payment Methods

  • Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa (BPA)
  • Potongan Gaji Majikan
  • Pindahan Gaji (Potongan Akaun Simpanan-i) / Salary Transfer (Savings Account-i Deduction)
  • Pembayaran Melalui Elektronik

Required Documents


Fixed Income

  • Copy of MyKad; or
  • Authority Card (Police / Military)
  • Latest 3 consecutive months salary slips
  • Latest 3 months of bank statement
  • Latest EPF statement / EA form
  • Confirmation Letter of Employment

Non Fixed Income

(Source from Business)



  • Copy of MyKad; or
  • Authority Card (Police / Military)
  • Latest 6 months bank statement (Individual / Business)
  • Business registration / Form 24 or 49
  • B Form with Payment Receipt


Property Documents

  • Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Title
  • Offer to Purchase from Developer
  • Booking Receipt
  • Memorandum of Sale: Auction
  • Valuation Report: Completed / Auction / Subsale / Refinancing / Construction of House

Product Disclosure Sheet

Illustration Payment Schedule

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