Motor Takaful

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Motor Takaful


  • Provides coverage against liabilities to other parties for injury or death, damage to other parties’ property, theft of covered vehicle and accidental or fire damage to the vehicle.
  • Customers has option to enrol for motor takaful plan from the following Takaful Operator:
    1. Syarikat Takaful Am Malaysia Berhad
    2. Takaful Ikhlas General Berhad
    3. Etiqa General Takaful Berhad – Easy and quick process by scanning the QR Code:


    Motor Takaful provides coverage on:

    1. Loss or damage to own vehicle due to fire, theft, or accident.
    2. Third party bodily injury and death.
    3. Third party property loss or damage.

    Subject to additional payment, Motor Takaful coverage can be extended to:

    1. Windscreen damage
    2. Passenger liability
    3. Damage arising from flood storm, landslide or other convulsions of nature
    4. Vehicle accessories
    5. Smart key replacement
    6. Car re-spray


    • Aged 18 and above
    • Owner of the subjected vehicle


    For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

    *Terms and conditions appl

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