Cooperative Business Development Seminar

Cooperative and Entrepreneurship Program

Cooperative Business Development Seminar

Assisting micro and small / medium category entrepreneurs who are cooperative members in providing guidance and training to expand their business activities in collaboration with relevant government and private agencies.

Benefits to cooperatives/entrepreneurs

  1. Exposing entrepreneurs to ways to improve the quality and packaging, labeling, and branding of their products.
  2. Exposing entrepreneurs to understanding the concept and process of obtaining halal certification from the authorities in terms of documentation, completeness of machinery and equipment, and infrastructure for product preparation.
  3. Implementing cleanliness practices among entrepreneurs as a measure of quality for every product purchased by consumers.
  4. Enhancing entrepreneurs' ability to develop effective marketing strategies to enable them to explore and compete in the open market.


  1. Open to cooperatives & entrepreneurs
  2. Business categories in the food, agriculture & livestock industry.

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