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Internet has certainly revolutionized the banking sector. The advent of this computing platform has allowed banks to open a new, fast and efficient banking channel. Bank Rakyat is honored to deliver iRakyat, our internet banking platform. With robust platform and state-of-the-art encryption technology, iRakyat provides unprecedented level of convenience. With great features, easy steps and richness in functionalities, iRakyat allows you to perform a variety of banking transactions including payment services with ease, anytime and anywhere at your convenience. As this is a very important channel to Bank Rakyat, we are committed to add new banking features as well as payee services for your greater convenience.
Services Functions
My Profile
  • Update user information
  • Change email
  • Change password
  • Change "secure phrase"
  • Daily transaction limit setting
  • Alerts
  • Customers' Feedback
  • Transaction Record:-
    • Successful
    • Failed
    • Cancelled
    • Upcoming
My Favourite Register/Selection of Favorite Chosen Account
Account Info Overview of:
  • Savings Account-i
  • Current Account-i
  • Share Membership
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Financing Account-i
  • Pawn Broking-i
Payment Service
  • Bill Payment
  • Utility Bills (TNB/ASTRO, etc.)
  • Assessment/Tax (LHDN, City Council, etc.)
  • Zakat (all states.)
  • Donation (AmanPalestin, Islamic Relief Malaysia, etc.)
  • Telecommunication (CELCOM, DiGi, etc.)
  • Top Up (Prepaid)
  • Deposit Service
  • Takaful
  • Financing Repayment
  • Education Loan Repayment (PTPTN, MARA, PTPK, Yayasan Sarawak, etc.)
  • Payment history​
  • Financing/third-party financing
  • Credit cards and third-party credit cards
Fund Transfer
  • Intrabank
    • Transfer to Own Account (savings / current account)
    • Transfer to Third Party Account (savings/current account)
  • Interbank
    • DuitNow – Instant fund transfer into other bank's savings/current/financing/credit cards using account numbers or proxies (i.e. mobile number, IC number)
    • IBG – Transfer fund into other bank's savings/current/financing/credit cards, in accordance with the timetable set by Paynet.
Scheduled Payments Scheduling fund transfer/bill payment/repayment/credit cards
  • Financing details
  • Transactions record
  • Financing repayment
  • Repayment records
  • Qualifications checking
Card ATM card cancellation
Credit Card
  • Payment
  • Transaction record
  • Mobile Phones Prepaid Top Up
  • Value-added Internet access
  • IDD/STD Reload
  • E-Wallet Reload
  • Pay-Per-View Reload
Remittance Overseas Telegraphic Transfer
Product & Services Details
  • View products and services offered
  • Views about the latest promotions
  • Personal Financing
  • Credit Card
  • Saving Account
e-Status Enabled iRakyat customers to monitor their financing application status from day one of submission till approval is given.
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC)
  • Third-party account registration/bill payment/prepaid top up
  • Fund transfer transaction/payment/reload
  • Registration/Maintenance of DuitNow ID
  • Tabung Haji services
  • Information update and Profile Maintenance
  • Register favourite payers/billers
Frequently Asked Question/FAQ      Examples of frequently asked questions related to iRakyat
  • Payment Issuance
  • Status Inquiry
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Stop Payment
Direct Debit Direct Debit Application Status
Other Services
  • Product/service fees and charges inquiries*
  • Rates inquiries
  • ATM Card Cancellation
  • Report the loss/damage of ATM Card
  • Budgeting Tracker
Operating Hours 24 Hours

Registration with card

Step 1

  • Log on to
  • Select First Time Registration. 
  • Select ATM/Debit/Credit Card icon. 
  • Provide the information required. 
  • Read & accept the Terms & Conditions

Step 2

  • Registration completed. You may now start using your iRakyat.

Registration without card (temporary ID)

Step 1

  • Call Bank Rakyat Contact Centre at 1-300-80-5454 (Local) or +603- 5526 9000 (from Overseas) & request for Temporary ID. 
  • Log on to 
  • Select First Time Registration. 
  • Select Temporary ID
  • Provide the information required & follow the required procedures.
Services Charge per transaction
Intrabank Fund Transfer


Interbank GIRO (IBG) RM0.10
  • Pay-to-Account-Number
  • Pay-to-Proxy
  • RM0.00 (for transaction RM5,000.00 and below)
  • RM0.50 (for transaction above RM5,000.00)
Alert Notification via SMS RM0.20
Items Channels
Intrabank Fund Transfer Interbank Giro (IBG) DuitNow
Daily transaction limit (RM per day)

3rd party Account: RM30,000

Own Account: No Limit
RM50,000 RM50,000 
Future-dated payments Yes Yes Yes

Services Transaction Time Received by the Beneficiary Refund Time
Intrabank Fund Transfer

Monday – Friday

Immediately Not Applicable
Non-business days
Interbank GIRO (IBG) Monday-Friday
Before 5:00 am Same day By 11:00 am By 5:00 pm
5.01 am – 8.00 am Same day By   2:00 pm By 8:20 pm
8.01 am – 11:00 am Same day By   5:00 pm By 11:00 pm
11:01 am – 2:00 pm Same day By   8:20 pm By 11:00 am, next business day
2:01 pm – 5:00 pm Same day By   11:00 am
After 5:00 pm Next business day by 11:00 am By 5:00 pm, next business day
Non-business days (Saturday, Sunday and Federal Territory Public Holidays)
DuitNow Monday – Friday Immediately Not Applicable
Non-business days

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For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.