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Internet has certainly revolutionized the banking sector. The advent of this computing platform has allowed banks to open a new, fast and efficient banking channel. Bank Rakyat is honored to deliver iRakyat, our internet banking platform. With robust platform and state-of-the-art encryption technology, iRakyat provides unprecedented level of convenience. With great features, easy steps and richness in functionalities, iRakyat allows you to perform a variety of banking transactions including payment services with ease, anytime and anywhere at your convenience. As this is a very important channel to Bank Rakyat, we are committed to add new banking features as well as payee services for your greater convenience.
Services Functions
My Profile
  • Update user information
  • Change email
  • Change password
  • Change "secure phrase"
  • Daily transaction limit setting
  • Alerts
  • Customers' Feedback
  • Transaction Record:-
    • Successful
    • Failed
    • Cancelled
    • Upcoming
My Favourite Register/Selection of Favorite Chosen Account
Account Info Overview of:
  • Savings Account-i
  • Current Account-i
  • Share Membership
  • Credit cards
  • Debit cards
  • Financing Account-i
  • Pawn Broking-i
Payment Service
  • Bill Payment
  • Utility Bills (TNB/ASTRO, etc.)
  • Assessment/Tax (LHDN, City Council, etc.)
  • Zakat (all states.)
  • Donation (AmanPalestin, Islamic Relief Malaysia, etc.)
  • Telecommunication (CELCOM, DiGi, etc.)
  • Top Up (Prepaid)
  • Deposit Service
  • Takaful
  • Financing Repayment
  • Education Loan Repayment (PTPTN, MARA, PTPK, Yayasan Sarawak, etc.)
  • Payment history​
  • Financing/third-party financing
  • Credit cards and third-party credit cards
Fund Transfer
  • Intrabank
    • Transfer to Own Account (savings / current account)
    • Transfer to Third Party Account (savings/current account)
  • Interbank
    • DuitNow – Instant fund transfer into other bank's savings/current/financing/credit cards using account numbers or proxies (i.e. mobile number, IC number)
    • IBG – Transfer fund into other bank's savings/current/financing/credit cards, in accordance with the timetable set by Paynet.
Scheduled Payments Scheduling fund transfer/bill payment/repayment/credit cards
  • Financing details
  • Transactions record
  • Financing repayment
  • Repayment records
  • Qualifications checking
Card ATM card cancellation
Credit Card
  • Payment
  • Transaction record
  • Mobile Phones Prepaid Top Up
  • Value-added Internet access
  • IDD/STD Reload
  • E-Wallet Reload
  • Pay-Per-View Reload
Remittance Overseas Telegraphic Transfer
Product & Services Details
  • View products and services offered
  • Views about the latest promotions
  • Personal Financing
  • Credit Card
  • Saving Account
e-Status Enabled iRakyat customers to monitor their financing application status from day one of submission till approval is given.
Transaction Authorisation Code (TAC)
  • Third-party account registration/bill payment/prepaid top up
  • Fund transfer transaction/payment/reload
  • Registration/Maintenance of DuitNow ID
  • Tabung Haji services
  • Information update and Profile Maintenance
  • Register favourite payers/billers
Frequently Asked Question/FAQ      Examples of frequently asked questions related to iRakyat
  • Payment Issuance
  • Status Inquiry
  • Guaranteed Payment
  • Stop Payment
Direct Debit Direct Debit Application Status
Other Services
  • Product/service fees and charges inquiries*
  • Rates inquiries
  • ATM Card Cancellation
  • Report the loss/damage of ATM Card
  • Budgeting Tracker
Operating Hours 24 Hours


You must first obtain your Temporary ID by calling Bank Rakyat Contact Centre at 1-300-80-5454 (Local) or +603-5526 9000 (from Overseas).
Once you have your Temporary ID, you can proceed to register your iRakyat account via iRakyat Online Internet Banking.
Note :Once you have registered, you may use the same username and password for both Online Internet Banking and Mobile Banking.

Services Charge per transaction
Intrabank Fund Transfer


Interbank GIRO (IBG) RM0.10
  • Pay-to-Account-Number
  • Pay-to-Proxy
  • RM0.00 (for transaction RM5,000.00 and below)
  • RM0.50 (for transaction above RM5,000.00)
Alert Notification via SMS RM0.20
Items Channels
Intrabank Fund Transfer Interbank Giro (IBG) DuitNow
Daily transaction limit (RM per day)

3rd party Account: RM30,000

Own Account: No Limit
RM50,000 RM50,000 
Future-dated payments Yes Yes Yes

Services Transaction Time Received by the Beneficiary Refund Time
Intrabank Fund Transfer

Monday – Friday

Immediately Not Applicable
Non-business days
Interbank GIRO (IBG) Monday-Friday
Before 5:00 am Same day By 11:00 am By 5:00 pm
5.01 am – 8.00 am Same day By   2:00 pm By 8:20 pm
8.01 am – 11:00 am Same day By   5:00 pm By 11:00 pm
11:01 am – 2:00 pm Same day By   8:20 pm By 11:00 am, next business day
2:01 pm – 5:00 pm Same day By   11:00 am
After 5:00 pm Next business day by 11:00 am By 5:00 pm, next business day
Non-business days (Saturday, Sunday and Federal Territory Public Holidays)
DuitNow Monday – Friday Immediately Not Applicable
Non-business days

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For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.