Personal Banking

Savings / Savings-i Account
The Savings-i Account enables you to deposit your money safely based on the principle of Qard and the money may be withdrawn at any time.

There are 3 types of Savings-i Account:

  • Open for all clients aged 12 and above
  • May be opened with or without a savings book
  • May be opened without a deposit
  • Open to all teenagers aged 15 to 21 years old
  • Open to all children aged 12 years and below
  • Accounts are managed by the parents / legal guardians or the closest family member as a trust holder
  • Opportunity to become a Nuri Club Member
  • Withdrawal is limited to once a month
  • Minimum deposit to open an account is RM10
  • Kad Rakyat facility (ATM Card)
    • Perform withdrawals at Bank Rakyat ATMs or any ATM with MEPS / BANKCARD logo across the country
    • Perform money transfers and one-stop bill payments via ATM and counters.
  • Internet banking facilities i-Rakyat
  • Citizens and non-citizens
  • For Citizens
    • Individual accounts
    • Joint Accounts
    • Associations and Clubs (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Mosque / Surau Committee (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Co-operatives (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Companies:
      • Funded by Bank Rakyat
      • Performs contractual work for Bank Rakyat
      • Co-operates with Bank Rakyat such as Amanah Raya Berhad and Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Sdn Bhd
      • Bank Rakyat subsidiaries
  • For Non-citizens
    • Individual Accounts
  • For individuals
    • Identity Card
    • If below 18 years old, additional documents required
      • Photocopy of mother / father / legal guardian's identity
      • Birth certificate
  • For associations / organisations / co-operatives / companies
    • Resolutions / decisions / minutes excerpt of Board of Directors / Committee / General / Annual meeting which comprises the following :
      • Authorisation to open a savings account
      • Name, identity card number and position of the authorised signatory
      • Name and identity card number of the representative liaising with the Bank
      • Registration Certificate
      • Identity card photocopy of authorised signatories and representative
      • Specimen card authorised by the authorised signatory and stamped with the association or organisations stamp
  • For permanent residents
    • Identity card issued by the National Registration Department
  • For those employed:
    • Passport
    • Work Permit
    • Company verification letter (employer)
  • For students:
    • Passport
    • Student pass
    • Matrix Card
    • Higher Education Institute (IPT) verification letter
Debit Card Application fee RM 8.00*
Annual card fee RM 8.00*
Replacement card Card loss/theft RM12.00*
Card/chip damage Free
Savings Book New book due to lost of old book RM16.00
Book replacement due to damage RM5.00
Account Statement For each application RM10.00
Account Closure Less than 3 months from the new account opening date RM10.00

Note: The dormant account with credit balance of less than RM10 will be closed by the Bank and whatever balance will be absorbed as a fee to the Bank.

Lost of Passbook: Clients must fill in the loss of savings book Report Form and the Stamped Loss/Damage Savings Account Testimony Letter. Clients may report on the loss of savings book and account closure at any nearest branch.