Personal Banking

Savings / Qurban Fund Savings-i Account
Plan your ibadah qurban through the Qurban Fund Savings-i Account
  • The shariah concept adopted is the Qard which is equivalent to savings deposit under the guarantee of Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia as the trustee.
    Note: The Qard is similar to the existing Savings-i Account concept.
  • Wakalah Bil Ujrah: The customer appoints the Bank as an agent to assist in the management of the Qurban in order for the ibadah Qurban to be executed and with charges based on Wakalah Bil Ujrah.
    Note: The Bank may appoint a third party as an agent to execute the Qurban on behalf of the customer on a sub-agent basis with the imposition of a prescribed qurban fee.
  • Minimum deposit to open an account is RM10
  • Debit Card facility (combo card) for cash withdrawals at Bank Rakyat ATMs or any ATMs with MEPS/BANKCARD logo nationwide
  • i-Rakyat internet banking facility
  • Passbook-less savings
  • Individuals;
  • Age 18 years old and above;
  • Muslim.
  • Identity Card
  • Open the Qurban Fund Savings-i Account
  • Make periodic deposits or one lump sum
  • Ensure amount is sufficient to perform Ibadah Qurban
  • Fill out the ‘Ibadah Qurban Participation Form' at any bank branch
  • Receive the ‘Ibadah Qurban Participation Certificate'.
  • Two (2) months prior to Aidiladha of current year
Debit Card Application fee RM8.00*
Annual card fee RM8.00*
Replacement card Lost/Stolen RM12.00*
Faulty Card/Chip Percuma
Account Statement For each application RM10.00
Account Closure Less than 3 months from the new account opening date* RM10.00