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Financing-i / Home Financing-i Flexi
Bank Rakyat presents the best deal to help you own your dream home.
  • Under Construction
  • Completed / Auction / Subsale
  • Refinancing
  • Purchase and Redemption of Residential Land
  • Construction of House
  1. Flexibility to make excess payment on your financing
  2. Withdraw your excess payment without incurring any charges and additional fee
  3. Potential to reduce the financing tenure and savings on profit charged

  • Age not less than 18 years old on the date of application and not more than 70 years old at the end of financing tenure
  • Not bankrupt
  • No bad records with any other Banks or financial institutions
  • Joint Application is allowed and must be related / direct family members:
    1. Husband / Wife
    2. Parents
    3. Children
    4. Siblings
Financing up to 95% including MRTT / Legal Fees / Valuation Fees
Package Financing with MRTT
Home Financing-i Flexi Financing Amount Profit Rate
Below RM 300,000 As low as SBR + 1.60%
RM 300,000 and above As low as SBR + 1.50%
Standard Base Rate (SBR): 3.00%
MRTT = Mortgage Reducing Term Takaful
Effective Financing Rate for Home Financing-i Flexi,
Financing amount of RM 300,000 & above, 35 years tenure, no lock-in period
Reference Rate p.a. Standard Base Rate (SBR): 3.00%
(Effective on 12 May 2023 onwards)
Profit Rate p.a. As low as SBR + 1.50%

Maximum financing period 35 years or aged 70 years; whichever is earlier.

Wakalah Fee RM28.30
Custodian of security documents after full settlement. RM10.00 per set per month (inclusive 0% GST)
Issuance of statement for EPF withdrawal. RM15.00 per document (inclusive 0% GST)
Stamp Duty Fee 0.5% of total financing as contained in the Stamp Duty Act 1949
Disbursement Fee NIL
Early Settlement Fee Only available for Zero Entry Cost package (2.5% of the total financing)
Valuation Fee Applicable to completed property only
Redemption Fee RM50 will be charged for individual customer or via lawyer that requested redemption statement from branch
Late Payment Charges During the financing tenure :
1% per annum on the overdue instalment amount

After expiry of financing tenure :
Shall not be more than the prevailing daily overnight Islamic Interbank Money Market rate (IIMM) on the outstanding balance

Withdrawal Fee N/A
Flexi Account Maintenance Fee N/A

  • Biro Perkhidmatan Angkasa
  • Salary Deduction
  • Savings Account-i Deduction
  • Electronic Payment
Category Document

Fixed Income

  • Copy of MyKad; or
  • Authority Card (Police / Military)
  • Latest 3 consecutive months salary slips
  • Latest 3 months of bank statement
  • Latest EPF statement / EA form
  • Confirmation Letter of Employment

Non Fixed Income

(Source from Business)



  • ​Copy of MyKad; or
  • Authority Card (Police / Military)
  • Latest 6 months bank statement (Individual / Business)
  • Business registration / Form 24 or 49
  • B Form with Payment Receipt​

Property Documents

  • Sale & Purchase Agreement
  • Copy of Title
  • Offer to Purchase from Developer
  • Booking Receipt
  • Memorandum of Sale: Auction
  • Valuation Report: Completed / Auction / Subsale / Refinancing / Construction of House

Please be informed that we have enhanced our Home Financing-i Terms & Conditions to give a better and clear understanding to our customers. The revised Home Financing-i Terms & Conditions will take effect on 1st September 2019. For more information please click on the FAQ