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Wealth Management / Takaful TripCare 360
  • This product provides benefits to the covered person on the occurrences on the specific events that may arise during domestic and international travel, for business or leisure.
  • It includes death and permanent disability due to accident, medical expenses arising due to accident or illness, various travel inconvenience, losses or damages to baggage and/or personal effects, personal liability and emergency services.
  • Fast and easy - Just 3 easy steps to renew.
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Takaful TripCare 360 provides coverage on:
  1. Death or permanent disability
  2. Medical Expenses
  3. Travel inconvenience
  4. Losses or damages to baggage, personal effects, personal money and/or travel documents
  5. Personal liability
  6. Emergency services
  7. Adventurous activities (optional benefit)
  8. COVID-19 (optional benefit for International ‘Per Trip’ Plan Only)

  • Participant is a Malaysian citizen or permanent resident (adult and child)
  • Individual plan who aged is between eighteen (18) and seventy (70) years.
  • Senior citizen Plan who is aged between seventy-one (71) and eighty (80) years.
  • Child must age between forty-  five (45) days to eighteen (18) years of age [or under twenty-three (23) years old if still studying full-time in a recognised institution of higher learning] on the effective date of Takaful.

The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st April 2019 following the implementation of 6% SST from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.
*Terms and conditions apply.