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Cards / Security Tips


  1. Sign your Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i cards once you receive them so that other people may not use them.
  2. Keep an eye on your card every time you make a payment/purchase and ensure that the seller returns your card with the receipt and sales draft as soon as each transaction is completed.
  3. Underline or circle the purchase amount on the receipt or sales draft every time you sign it.
  4. Keep all sales drafts including transactions at self-service stations.
  5. Keep copies of your sales drafts. Verify monthly purchase amount against your card monthly statement. Please report any errors or discrepancies.
  6. If your card is lost, stolen or damaged, please contact Bank Rakyat Card Centre immediately. Please file a written report with a police report for lost/stolen card.
  7. List all credit card numbers that you own along with the Credit Card Centre telephone numbers in case of emergency, loss or theft of your card. Keep the list in a secured place.
  8. Please ensure that you receive your monthly card statement. If you have not received your statement, contact our Customer Service immediately.
  9. Kindly make your card payments before the statement due date to avoid any interruption on your card usage.
  10. Keep your card away from heat or direct sunlight. The magnetic stripe should not be damaged, or placed at the back of two cards, or near any magnetic devices (example: television, radio, etc).


  1. Do not lend your Credit Card-i to anyone including friends or family members. Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i is non-transferable.
  2. Do not disclose your account number over the telephone unless you have verified the company or individual you are speaking to.
  3. Change your PIN number as soon as you receive it. Do not write or keep the PIN number in your purse or wallet, or write the PIN number at the back of your card. Memorise the number and destroy the PIN notification.
  4. Do not leave your Credit Card-i exposed or unattended. Remember, the value of your Credit Card-i is as good as cash.
  5. Keep your Credit Card-i in your possession at all times.
  6. Make sure you spend prudently.

One Time Password (OTP) is an additional security feature to protect Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i and Bank Rakyat Debit Card-i cardholders when executing online purchase transactions. Make sure that your mobile phone number registered with Bank Rakyat is up to date. Please call our Customer Service line at 03-26936880 (24 hours) if there is any change of mobile phone number.

[The OTP which will be sent to the telephone number registered with the Bank]

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How long is the validity period for OTP?
The validity period for OTP is 5 minutes and the remaining period of time for you to complete the transaction will be displayed on the OTP screen.

2) Can I contact the bank to obtain an OTP?
No. OTP can only be obtained through the "POP UP" screen after you entered your card number on a merchant's website that has 3D Secure security features.

3) How will the OTP be sent to me?
The OTP will be sent to your mobile number via Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) message. Unlike short messaging service (SMS), USSD cannot be saved and retransmitted. It is a temporary message to your mobile telephone sent by a network service provider that “POP UP” on your mobile. Once you press any buttons on your mobile telephone, the message will be lost.
In the event of any communication problem during the OTP request via Unstructured Supplementary Services Data (USSD) message, the OTP will be sent via short message service (SMS).

4) How many OTPs do I need to conduct a transaction?
Only one OTP is required to conduct a transaction and if you do not receive any OTP within 60 seconds, you may obtain a new OTP. You can only obtain a maximum of 3 resubmitted OTPs for the same transaction and only the current OTP is valid for the transaction.

5) What happens if I still do not receive any OTP after the third time the OTP re-send request is made?
You need to restart by entering the details of the purchase on the merchant's website.

6) Can I use the same OTP for different transactions?
One OTP can only be used for one transaction only.

7) What happens if I enter the wrong OTP 3 times in a row?
Your card will be blocked. Please contact Customer Service at 0326936880 to re-activate your card.

For any enquiry, complaint or to report card loss or theft

You can call Cards Centre at:

24 hours hotline 03-2693 6880
Card loss / theft 03-2692 4600