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Product disclosure sheet
Uncallable Negotiable Islamic Debt Certificate (UNIDC) is a deposit product which pays a fixed profit rate on the given maturity date.




Deposit Amount RM60,001 to RM10,000,000 per certificate.
Deposit Tenure
  • Minimum tenure is one (1) day.
  • Tenure of more than five (5) years is subject to approval by the Securities Commission of Malaysia.
  • Profit rate is based on the Bank's prevailing profit rate and determined upon placement of deposit together with the tenure.
  • Customer will receive principal plus profit upon maturity for the certificate issued at FV or nominal.
  • Customer will receive the face value amount upon maturity for the certificate issued on discounted basis.
  • Early redemption is disallowed, however, customer may sell the certificate of UNIDC in secondary market for liquidation purpose.
Payment upon maturity
  • Deposit upon maturity will be paid to the customer/ holder of UNIDC certificate according to the instruction provided.

For further information, you may view the Term & Conditions.