Customer Facilities / Rakyat Xclusive - FAQ

1. What is Rakyat Xclusive?

Special/exclusive services to high net worthcustomers of & Bank Rakyat.

2. What is the operation time for Rakyat Xclusive Centre ?

Mon-Thurs 9:00am-5:00pm
Friday 9:00am-12:30pm
Saturday & Sunday and Public Holiday  

3. What are the criteria to be a member of Rakyat Xclusive?

  • Savings Account-i Customer (Individual or Joint)Min.RM 300,000.00 or

  • Term Deposit-i Account (Individual or Joint) Min.RM 300,000.00 or

  • Combination of Savings Account-i and Membership Shares (Individual or Joint) Min. RM300,000.00 or

  • Combination of Term Deposit-i Account and Membership Shares (Individual or Joint) Min.RM300,000.00 or

  • Customer's Home Financing-i Account Min.RM 1,000,000.00.

  • Bank Rakyat Board of Directors are allowed to be a member of Rakyat Xclusive.

  • Bank Rakyat staff is NOT allowed to be a member of Rakyat Xclusive.

4. What are the benefits of Rakyat Xclusive Services?

Offering exclusive, specialized and efficient service to High Net Worth customers.

5. What are the services available in Rakyat Xclusive Centre ?

  • Rakyat Xclusive membership card for free.

  • Easein managing your banking transactions at our Rakyat Xclusive Centre in comfortable and efficient environment.

  • The convenience to perform banking transactions through phone calls managed by our well-trained Customer Relation Executive​.

  • Get the latest update on new products and services.​

  • Free parking at Rakyat Xclusive Service Centre.

6. What are the other benefitsoffered in Rakyat Xclusive Centre ?

  • Door to door service e.g. delivery of receipts / slip and collection of cheques

  • Refreshment area, tv corner & internet access while doing banking transaction

  • Additional comfort & style, and free use of meeting or discussion room facilities *where you can chill out with even more facilities

  • Access to our ‘Serambi Ilmu Rakyat' library with minimum fee

  • Workout at Arena Kardio gymnasium for as low as RM50 per month

  • Relex, rejuvenate and restore harmony at selected spa.

  • Health screening package voucher on selected polyclinic.

  • Discount on extreme sports.

  • Discount 40% on skincare/health product on selected store.​​

    *Terms and conditions apply. Subject to the changes.​

7. Where is Rakyat Xclusive Centre located?

Rakyat Xclusive Centre address as below :


General Line: 03-2617 3800 / Faks : 03-2264 7218

8. What is Rakyat Xclusive Counter?

Rakyat Xclusive Counter is to provide easy, exclusive, comfortable and efficient service to Rakyat Xclusive member to perform banking transaction at Bank Rakyat branch.

9. What are the significant about the Rakyat Xclusive Counter?

The significance of Rakyat Xclusive Counter is a new dedicated fast-lane counter to all Rakyat Xclusive members where they will be attended without having to queue.​

10. What are the difference between Rakyat Xclusive Centre and Rakyat Xclusive Counter?

Rakyat Xclusive Centre is located at Menara Kembar Bank Rakyat with a special waiting area for and will be attended by our well-trained Customer Relationship Executive (CRE). Rakyat Xclusive Counter are available at selected Bank Rakyat branch and will be attended by a well-trained representative at a dedicated counter to perform your banking transactions.

11. Is there any form of identification for Rakyat Xclusive member?

Rakyat Xclusive members will be given a membership card with membership number.

12. Is there any annual fee levied on Rakyat Xclusive membership

There is no membership fee for Rakyat Xclusive member.

13. Can a member of Rakyat Xclusive receives special banking treatment at any other branches (NONRakyat Xclusive Counter Branch)?

Rakyat Xclusive member will experience a special banking services at all Bank Rakyat Branches by providing the RX membership card to the branch representative.​

14. How to get the updates on Rakyat Xclusive Services ?

For more info about Rakyat Xclusive service and offerings, please contact our Rakyat Xclusive Contact Centre at Tel. No. 03-26173800.​

15. Exclusive banking environment at Rakyat Xclusive Centre

i. Customer Information Counter

ii. Customer Relation Executive Counter

iii. Customer Waiting Area & Refreshment Area

iv. Customer's Internet Access Area

v. Customer's Mini Cafe Area

vi. Executive Meeting Rooms for Customers

vii. Executive Discussion Rooms for Customers

viii. Customer's Parking Area

The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st April 2019 following the implementation of 6% SST from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.