Personal Banking

Personal Banking / Rates, Fees & Charges
The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st February 2019 following the implementation of 6% SST from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

Savings-i & Deposits-i

Savings Account-i
Term Deposit Account-i
eCurrent Account-i (eCA-i)
Qurban Fund Savings-i Account


Home Financing-i

Home Financing-i
Home Financing-i ZEC
Home Financing-i My 1st Home Scheme
Home Financing-i (Shophouses / Commercial Lots)
Home Financing-i (PR1MA)
Rates | Fees & Charges

Pawn Broking-i

Pawn Broking-i Ar-Rahnu
Rates | Fees & Charges
Pawn Broking-i Az-Zahab
Rates | Fees & Charges
Ar-Rahnu Genius
Rates | Fees & Charges



Rakan Pintar Card
Consumer Squad Card
1Malaysia Student Discount Card
Rakyat Card


i-Rakyat Commerce
e-Rakyat Electronic Banking Centre

Customer Facilities

Interbank GIRO
MEPS Regional
Instant Transfer (IBFT)
One-Stop Bill Payment
Tabung Haji Services

General Banking Services

General Banking Services

Islamic Trade Financing

Letter of Credit-i
Shipping Guarantee-i
Inward Bills Collection-i
Murabahah Working Capital Financing
Export Letter of Credit Advising-i
Letter of Credit of Credit Confirmation-i
Outward Bills Collection-i
Outward Bills Financing-i
Credit Bills Financing-i
Tawarruq Trade Financing
Bank Guarantee-i