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Financial Planning / Will
  • Assigning and empowering executable rights to someone to act upon the death of testator (the person dies and leaves a will).
  • Muslim Wills Enactment (Selangor) 1999: defined a will as an iqrar or admission of a person made during his lifetime with respect to his property or benefit thereof to be carried out for the purposes of charity or for any other purposes permissible under Islamic law after the testator's death.
  • Expedite the management of inheritance by professional bodies.
  • Avoid conflicts and arguments among the beneficiaries (beneficiaries have to respect the wishes of the testator).
  • Executor (Wasi) has been decided and appointed before the testator death.
  • Testator determines the distributions of his inheritance as he wishes.
  • Protection of the inheritance (not sold as long as under the administration of ARB).
  • Allows the distribution part of the inheritance to loved ones but not beneficiaries (step parents, children, brothers/or those from different religion, etc).
  • For charity after his death.3 practices which will provide benefits upon the death of a muslim:
    • Prayers from children who faithful to God
    • Knowledge used by others
    • Rewards (pahala) from charity works
  • Faraid is the portions determined by Shariah to be allocated to beneficiaries (Surat An-Nisa' verse 11, 12 dan 176)
  • Will is the act of assigning and empowering executable rights to someone to act upon the death of testator (the person dies and leaves a will).

In Islam, planning the distribution of your inheritance is strongly recommended or Harus based on Mazhab Shafie. This is to ensure your inheritance will be properly managed upon your death. It also brings benefits to the testator, his families and the society.

  • To unrecognised beneficiaries
    (Example: step parents, children, brothers/those of different religion, etc.) to allow them to benefit from the inheritance of the testator.
  • To the beneficiaries
    Allows the testator to distribute his inheritance to his children and ensure their wellbeing.
  • To the society
    Allocation for the society like orphanages, the poor, academicians, schools, mosque, libraries, hospital, etc.
  • Easy – can be done at any of our branches nationwide
  • Affordable – Only RM500 (Will for Muslim and non-Muslim)
  • Must be 18 years old and above
The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

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