Business Banking

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i-bizRAKYAT will make banking easier for you, allowing you monitor your account closely and increase your productivity. Much time now can be spent in growing your business. We have customize services to meet specific needs of your company, so you can manage your accounts, receivables and payables efficiently.


i-bizRAKYAT help customers to have comprehensive view of your banking relationship with Bank Rakyat online real time . Access your company's latest account information from anywhere, anytime you like. View your own account balances & details, other linking account(s) details, transactions history and download your Current Accounts Statement for ease reconciliation at your side . Our Account Management features also provide you benefits of :

Manage your cash inflow and outflow on collection and payable. Obtaining info on payment received from customers / distributors Track Payments to suppliers / vendors

Efficiently managing payables account is very crucial for any successful company. Our i-bizRAKYAT is designed to process your payment to beneficiaries faster. i-bizRAKYAT provides straight through payment processing services include funds transfer to third party accounts and bulk payment transactions that is hasslefree and very convenient. We support current and future dated transactions and to safeguard your monetory transactions, all authorizers are equipped with security devices used to authenticate login and approve transactions.

Our Payable Management includes payment through :
  • Intrabank Fund Transfer (IFT)
  • Interbank GIRO (IBG)
  • Instant Fund Transfer (IBFT)
  • Local Remittance (RENTAS)
  • Bill Payment
  • JomPAY
  • FPX B2B (Busines-to-Business) An email or sms notification to beneficiary/recipients is also available at convenience.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of every business, and by keeping track of your accounts wisely, you can maintain a steady stream of cash flow and keep your business afloat.

At Bank Rakyat, we offer efficient collections process to ensure all receivables and cheques are cleared in a prompt manner, reduce manual intervention and improved management of information.

A conveniently payroll facilities that enables fast and easy salary crediting via file upload or online templates. Secure sensitive payroll information by applying data masking. Accurately validates ID number ensuring the right person received their salary payments. 

Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of Product/ Promotion /Service(s)

  • Portray Bank Rakyat as an admired/preferred bank that offers premium banking services of corporate internet banking (CIB) for all commercial and corporate institution especially cooperative sectors
  • Depict the services as same rank like other CIB services offered by other commercial banks
  • Brand the services as affordable and suitable for all sectors
  • Easy switching between companies
  • Informative for easy reconciliation
  • Innovative security devices (app based token)
  • Fresh new design (Mobile & Desktop)
  • Enjoy all type of transactions

- Rentas
- IBFT (Not all Banks offer in their CIB)

Who Should Apply

  • Cooperatives
  • Government Agencies (KPDNKK’s agencies)
  • State Government Agencies
  • Local Government
  • Majlis Agama Islam / Pusat Zakat
  • Existing customers , i.e. Corporate Banking & Commercial Banking , other institutional customers 

Advantages of i-bizRAKYAT

  • Safe
i-bizRAKYAT can only be access by using token (soft token and hard token)
  • Fast
Financial transaction and non-financial transaction can be done by real time online.Transaction information can be access 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  • Convenient
i-bizRAKYAT are easy to be use. Banking transaction can be done easily.
  • User Friendly
Customer is able to perform transaction at a click of the mouse
  • Real Time Cash Management
Online real time daily access including Saturday and Sunday
  • Time & Cost Saving
No more waiting in long queues, traveling or making phone calls to enquire for account balances or to perform banking transactions
  • Ease Reconciliation
May compare details in accounts to own cash book daily or at any time convenient to customer
  • Remote Authorisation
Authorisation of a transaction can be effected anywhere without having the authoriser present at his office
  • Secured
Authentication via Token & End to end data encryption

Documentation Required

  1. Application Form (B1)
  2. Standard Terms & Condition
  3. Copy of NRIC/Passport for authorizer
  4. Board’s Resolution/Minute’s meeting