Business Banking

Government Schemes / Rural Development Financing-i Scheme

As a caring bank, Bank Rakyat also focused to small and medium rural area enterprise financing needs. This product offers financing facilities for Bumiputera entrepreneurs through the fund allocated by the Government to increase the entrepreneurs' economic level by financing their initial cost and expansion of business including purchasing the machineries and equipment, renovate premise and raw material.

Qard refers to the interest free loan and customer needs to pay the principal amount and other related cost that determined by the Bank.


  • 100% Bumiputera owned business such as enterprise, partnership, private limited company that operates in rural area.
  • Maximum age: At least 18 years old and not more than 60 years old during application (sole proprietor)
  • Full time entrepreneur (sole proprietorship and partnership).
  • Business approved from the local authority.
  • Possess a valid business licence
  • In operation for at least one year
  • Not blacklisted by any financial institutions




To finance the initial cost and expansion of business including purchase of machineries and equipment, raw material and renovation of business premises.

Loan Margin

Minimum: RM 20,000.00

Maximum: RM500,000.00

Loan Tenure

  • Less than RM250,000 Maximum 5 years
  • More than RM250,000 Maximum 7 years

Grace Period

6 months


More than 55 years old: a guarantor is needed.


5% per annum

Ibra' 30% Government Grant

30% on the financing amount approved (applicable to financing RM250,000 and below)


Compensation Charges


During the financing period

1% per annum on top of the outstanding amount
After the financing tenure expires Based on the Current Rate of Islamic Interbank Money Market (IIMM)

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