Business Banking

Business Financing-i / Working Capital for Ar-Rahnu X'Change


To finance working capital requirement for Ar-Rahnu X'Change franchise business.





Fee and Charge

Charge and Service for Individuals
Transaction Charge
Wakalah Fee NIL
Stamp Duty Fee NIL
Early Settlement Fee Rebate (Ibra’) will be given on the deferred profit
Commodity Trading Fee RM15 will be charged for every RM1 Million (50:50 sharing basis). Minimum transaction is RM1,000.
Late Payment Charges During the financing period:
1% per annum on top of the outstanding payment.

After the financing tenure expires:
Shall not be more than the prevailing daily overnight Islamic Interbank Money Market rate (IIMM) on the outstanding balance.

Margin of Financing

Maximum 80% of the working capital requirement


Maximum 15 years