Kop-Autopay Service Scheme

This is one of the many value added services offered by Bank Rakyat. Through this service, cooperatives that offer financing services to their members will enjoy various facilities and make the management, disbursement and withdrawal of the facility easier, efficient and effective.

Implementation of Kop-Autopay Service Scheme

  • Management of financing facilities to cooperatives members is done through computer system.
  • Cooperatives and their members just need to open a savings account with Bank Rakyat.
  • Cooperatives just need to approve the financing applications from their members while the management and withdrawals of the facility can be done by their members (borrowers) through Bank Rakyat.
  • Members can withdraw the money at any Bank Rakyat ATM or MEPS/BANKCARD ATM network.


  • Cooperatives do not need to prepare cheques for their members (borrowers).
  • Cooperative do not have to prepare financing statement similar to the ones produced by banks.
  • The financing will be directly credited into the members savings account online irrespective where the members (borrowers) reside.
  • Members can withdraw the money at any Bank Rakyat branches and AMT or MEPS/BANKCARD ATM network at any time.
  • The application for the system is provided free to cooperatives that subscribe to the service.


Cooperatives that offer Islamic credit and financing services and have a proven operation and track record.

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