Savings-i & Deposits-i / Savings-i Account
The Savings-i Account enables you to deposit your money safely based on the principle of Qard and the money may be withdrawn at any time.

There are 3 types of Savings-i Account:

  • Open for all clients aged 12 and above
  • May be opened with or without a savings book
  • May be opened without a deposit
  • Open to all teenagers aged 15 to 21 years old
  • Open to all children aged 12 years and below
  • Accounts are managed by the parents / legal guardians or the closest family member as a trust holder
  • Opportunity to become a Nuri Club Member
  • Withdrawal is limited to once a month
  • Minimum deposit to open an account is RM10
  • Kad Rakyat facility (ATM Card)
    • Perform withdrawals at Bank Rakyat ATMs or any ATM with MEPS / BANKCARD logo across the country
    • Perform money transfers and one-stop bill payments via ATM and counters.
  • Internet banking facilities i-Rakyat
  • Citizens and non-citizens
  • For Citizens
    • Individual accounts
    • Joint Accounts
    • Associations and Clubs (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Mosque / Surau Committee (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Co-operatives (established and registered in Malaysia)
    • Companies:
      • Funded by Bank Rakyat
      • Performs contractual work for Bank Rakyat
      • Co-operates with Bank Rakyat such as Amanah Raya Berhad and Syarikat Takaful Malaysia Sdn Bhd
      • Bank Rakyat subsidiaries
  • For Non-citizens
    • Individual Accounts
  • For individuals
    • Identity Card
    • If below 18 years old, additional documents required
      • Photocopy of mother / father / legal guardian's identity
      • Birth certificate
  • For associations / organisations / co-operatives / companies
    • Resolutions / decisions / minutes excerpt of Board of Directors / Committee / General / Annual meeting which comprises the following :
      • Authorisation to open a savings account
      • Name, identity card number and position of the authorised signatory
      • Name and identity card number of the representative liaising with the Bank
      • Registration Certificate
      • Identity card photocopy of authorised signatories and representative
      • Specimen card authorised by the authorised signatory and stamped with the association or organisations stamp
  • For permanent residents
    • Identity card issued by the National Registration Department
  • For those employed:
    • Passport
    • Work Permit
    • Company verification letter (employer)
  • For students:
    • Passport
    • Student pass
    • Matrix Card
    • Higher Education Institute (IPT) verification letter
Debit Card Application fee RM 8.00*
Annual card fee RM 8.00*
Replacement card Card loss/theft RM12.00*
Card/chip damage Free
Savings Book New book due to lost of old book RM16.00
Book replacement due to damage RM5.00
Account Statement For each application RM10.00
Account Closure Less than 3 months from the new account opening date RM10.00

Lost of Passbook: Clients must fill in the loss of savings book Report Form and the Stamped Loss/Damage Savings Account Testimony Letter. Clients may report on the loss of savings book and account closure at any nearest branch.

The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st February 2019 following the implementation of 6% SST from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.

*Terms and conditions apply.