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Bank Rakyat's Debit Card-i can be used for retail transaction in all merchants premise and also cash withdrawal at financial institution that accept the MasterCard transactions throughout the world. It is also an alternative for cash and cheques.
Ijarah Khadamat
  • There is no minimum income needed
  • Bank Rakyat's Debit Card-i can be obtained on the same day of the application processed.
  • Accepted at all merchant counter which participated with MasterCard worldwide
  • Same as Credit Card-i – can be used for retail purchase, internet transaction and cash withdrawal at ATM local and overseas.
  • High daily card usage limit (combination of retail transaction and cash transaction), up to RM10,000 or total balance that can be use in saving accounts, whichever that is lower.
  • Daily cash withdrawal is limited to RM3,000 or maximum of RM5,000* daily.
  • Any transaction with merchant counter that offers non-halal products/services are not allowed
  • Overseas Transaction and Online Purchase
  • For safety purposes, please inform our Bank Rakyat Card Centre at 03-26936880 before you want to use the card for any overseas transaction and/or online purchase on the internet.
  • Customers have to own/open Savings Account-i
  • Aged 18 years and above
  • New application and replacement for Bank Rakyat's Debit Card-i can be performed at any Bank Rakyat branch.
  • Minimum balance to open/apply for card depends on minimum balance to open Savings Account-i/eCurrent Account-i (e-CAi) 
  • RM5(for each copy of Sales Draft)
  • RM15(for each original of Sales Draft)
    Yearly Fee
    • No annual fee for the first year
    • RM8.00 for second year and so on, until the expiry date of the card. This fee will be imposed on every anniversary date of the card, starting from the second year.
    Membership Fee


    Application Process Fee None
    Cash Withdrawal Service Fee
    • At Bank Rakyat ATM – None
    • At other local banks' ATM and Counters– RM1.00*
    • At other overseas banks' ATM and Counters – RM12.00*
    Card Replacement Charges RM12.00

    Overseas business exchange (% from total usage) 

    1.25% from total usage.  
    Sales Draft Copy Charges
    • RM5.30 for every request of sales draft copies
    • RM15.90 for every request on the original copy of the sales draft.
    Copies of Transaction Statement Charges RM5.30
    Balance enquiry at other bank's ATM   RM0
    Application Fee Application process fee: RM8
    Cash Withdrawal Fee LIFB (Local Incorporated Foreign Bank) : RM4.00
    Request for Sales Draft Retrieval Fee
    • RM5 (for each copy of Sales Draft)
    • RM15 (for each original of Sales Draft)
    Request for Printed Statement No Charges
    Savings account balance  Minimum RM10
    Overseas business exchange (% from total usage)   1.25% from total usage.
    Daily limit for card usage   RM10,000 or total balance in savings account, whichever lower   
    Withdrawal from ATM machine RM3,000 or maximum RM5,000 per day
    Withdrawal limit from ATM machine for each transaction Maximum RM1,500
    Retail purchase Maximum RM10,000 per day or total balance in Savings Account-i, whichever lower  

    The published rates, fees and charges are effective from 1st April 2019 following the implementation of 6% SST from 1st September 2018. Terms & conditions apply.

    For any enquiries, please visit the nearest branch or call our Contact Centre tele-Rakyat at 1-300-80-5454.
    *Terms and conditions apply.