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Business Financing-i / Property-i

Bank Rakyat offers a competitive Islamic property financing packages for companies to purchase land, residential, and commercial properties. It is based on Al-Bai Bithaman Ajil which refers to the sale of goods where the sale price is payable on instalment basis. The selling price is based on original price and agreed profit rate with the inclusion of an agreed profit margin. Talk to us about Property Financing-i.

Eligibility : All business entities such as private limited companies and co-operatives.

Concept : Tawarruq

Type of Properties : Land - agriculture, residential, commercial, industrial.

Commercial building- shop, shop house, office lot, factory/ plant, commercial building.

Purpose : To purchase residential and nonresidential property.

Margin : Up to 80% of purchase price

100% on force sale value, whichever is lower.

Tenure : Maximum 20 years.

Fee and Charge

Charge and Service for Individuals
Transaction Charge
Wakalah Fee Wakalah or agency fee of RM28.30
Stamp Duty Fee 0.5% of total financing as contained in the Stamp Duty Act 1949
Early Settlement Fee Rebate (Ibra’) will be given on the deferred profit
Commodity Trading Fee RM15 will be charged for every RM1 Million (50:50 sharing basis). Minimum transaction is RM1,000.

Additional Documents Required

Property Financing-i

  • Copy of Sale & Purchase Agreement.
  • A valuation report of property to be charged as security.

Cash flow projection of business.